The Magic of Welfare – Well-being against self-sabotage

Hi, there! In this post we will go on a very important subject: The Magic of Welfare. We all have already heard that we will not go any longer if we are unhealthy, right? And that is true! Our well-being and our balance are directly related to our health.

It is well known that balance brings health and vigour to our physical body. Every time we get unbalanced in any way we bring worries and illnesses into our lives.

Well-being against sabotage - Balance

Then, what would be nice to think? That the chances of getting sick are minimal if I am energetically balanced! Right? Right!


  • If I know it is harmful, then why do I face energy imbalance problems?
  • Am I the one who look for it? Is that possible somehow?
  • Would it possibly be because of my selfishness?
  • Would it possibly be because of my ignorance?
  • Would it possibly be because I think I need to suffer?
  • Would this happen by chance?

Well, the reason why you occasionally face any energy imbalance problems can have its origin in your ego, in your ignorance, in your need to suffer or in all of them together and even some more other ones! And what should you do, then?

Well, you see, at first glance, the main cause of energy imbalance problems which bring health issues may be related to your bad eating habits and the few hours you sleep. But these possibilities will be dealt with in the upcoming posts of the “Magic of Food” and “The Magic of Sleep”.

For now it is important to try to understand why we sabotage our well-being by undermining our health with incoherent and harmful attitudes.

Well-being vs Sabotage

Our bodies are machines managed by our essences (souls / spirits). Well, the essences are ethereal and eternal, but the machines wear out, grow old, and fail. If they are not well cared for, administered, respected, and repaired, they stop working, bringing about their end in this world.

Rare are the people who would like to die. All of us, visibly, or deep down, whatever, would not want to die, even though we are aware that death is nothing more than the initial moment of the resumption.

So why do many of us, or almost all of us, sabotage ourselves?

It seems illogical to do the very contrary to what should be done for our vital balance and maintenance of our welfare. But everything in life has an explanation and these harmful attitudes are called sabotage. Let’s get to know them.

Even though we find it very difficult to accept, we have a great need to sabotage ourselves, that is, we all sabotage ourselves many times during our lives, usually without realizing what we are doing it, but we are usually quite efficient in harming our well-being. Let me explain:

It is not difficult to get into really bad situations. It is neither difficult to come up to hard times and we frequently have no clues about how that happened!

That is the thing: we must always take great care not to opt for the negative side of things, even if unconsciously. Negativity is destructive. When we do prefer to see and live on the bad side of the situations, of people and places we do not realize that there are also a good side for everything and that this good side can actually be much much better than the bad side.

This type of sabotage is extremely common. Try to avoid looking at the negative side of things, even if your unconscious insists on it. The Magic of Welfare is to maintain our well-being, focusing on the good side of things.

Choosing wellness and health

The Magic of Welfare is made from choices. Opt for the well-being. Choose to live life with joy. Choose to distance yourself from problems and sources of negative energy, including negative people (read about them in Psychich Vampires).

Well-being against sabotage - Positive Thinking

These choices related to seeing everything on the negative side are strong forms of sabotage. They are atomic bombs that undermine your well-being and open the way to diseases.

Other sources of sabotage that we must get rid of in our lives are the feelings of guilt, self-punishment, and the belief that we do not deserve success or happiness. Choose to live without guilt and understand you deserve your success, happiness and welfare!

Well-being vs negative thoughts

It seems that sometimes, while we are waiting for the rewards of our endeavours we end up by giving it up and then getting frustrated. Why does this happen?

This is because of negative thoughts. Whether they are related to the fact that we do not deserve good things or simply because we think it is not worth exposing ourselves to the situations that are yet to come.

Forget that and focus on your well-being. You deserve good things and it’s all worth it.

Well-being against sabotage - Happiness

To think that we are not as good as we would like to be, or even the fear of coping with the responsibilities that come with what we aim for may be aspects of self-sabotage too. Aggression as a way of punishing yourself or someone you do not like, sudden doubts and mood swings can also become tools for sabotage.

Stop sabotaging yourself and focus on your well-being

Other aspects that can contribute a great deal to the sabotage we create are the extreme reliance on intangible solutions and the resistance to reviewing and learning from our mistakes. Focus on your well-being!

What does all this have to do with The Magic of Welfare?

Our welfare begins in our minds and materializes in our attitudes. The more consistent and positive you are, the greater your chances of progress in life, taking and sharing a magical, healthy and happy life.

Be flexible, flexibility is the weapon of the strong ones. Be positive, let go of all negativity! That is, strive to seek the positive side of situations and people, places and moments, everything you are involved with. The attitude of being positive will always turn into health and well-being! Be sure!

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