The Magic of Magic – What is Magic?

What is Magic? Does magic work?

Magic is nothing more than contemplation, understanding and manipulation of the forces of nature, for everything around us and even ourselves are magic. In short, that magic consists of knowing how to deal and interact with life.

What is magic - Forces of Nature

For centuries, in different garments called the physical body, we have been walking here, on this beautiful and welcoming planet called Earth. The great Mother Earth is pure magic. It is said that our planet has a spirit and that this spirit is called Gaia. We are all living in and being blessed by this unimaginable force called Gaia which is even represented as the Mother Goddess Gaia.

We usually depart from planet Earth better than when we come to it. Our experiences here in this sphere make us better. Thus, rehearsing and acting in diverse roles until we are ready to follow our journey in other dimensions, we continue to live in this magnificent world.

Positive energies x Negative energies

Now that we know what magic is, we must observe our vibration to practice it in our favour. We must pay attention to everything we say, because magic is condensed and contained in each word. We all count on the collaboration of countless friendly souls, companions of this and other places, times and dimensions. These friendly souls present us with their influence in the form of instructions. These instructions can be tips, images, drawings, ideas, words and other things that we may or may not pay attention during our lives.

What is magic - positive energies

Noticing these influences and receiving these pieces of information in the form of intuition will certainly depend on the type of vibration we emanate. If you get connected with the positive energies, if you have constructive and happy ideas, these helping souls will always be influencing and collaborating for your journey in joy and happiness.

And why is it important to be connected with the good vibrations in life? Well, we all live immersed in the duality, where good and evil cohabit, they are part of a whole. The universe we live in is Manichaeistic. We will never be free from the influence of evil in this dimension. Sometimes we tune in to the low vibrations led by situations that we are exposed to, just by being alive.

Many occurrences do not depend on our own will. Occurrences such as the death of a loved one, being a witness in an accident, a job loss, things that do not occur the way we wanted, or some other ones. We can not control everything. However, we have a wonderful magic tool in hand and I’ll tell you what it is.

How to perform Magic?

Since we can not control all of the events in our lives, we have a unique talent at least, which is to choose the way we react to unexpected events. If I can not prevent an accident, for example, I can try to understand why it happens.

Accidents happen so that lessons can be learned by the people involved. We are not always aware of the reasons why unexpected things happen. Nevertheless, we can try to behave in an adult, resilient, and open way. Acting like this, we can try to understand the reasons why things are the way they are in life.

We all can generate influence on desired events, thanks to magic and to using the forces of nature through accessible natural material. Let me explain: we can have magic stones and crystals, flowers and plants at home, also images that refer to the positive sensations and energies that are able to create a magical Aura. A magical Aura is the basic ingredient for changing the reality we are in.

What is magic - Incenses

You can even create some specific environment in your house dedicated to Elementals so that they can bring positive energies to you. This way you may experience a great change for the better in your life. To learn more about them, read: The Elemental Beings.

And, yes, there are some occurrences we are able to interfere and even able to create. Our mind and our will are very powerful. With some learning and proper training we can create favourable situations, banish evil and repel unfortunate events.

Meditation, incenses, candles and mantras magically and fantastically magnify our achievement power. If you practice magic using these tools it will allow you to gain experience. Soon you’ll find within yourself what magic really is. In addition, you will also discover how it can help you live a happier life.

Anything that refers to a broad understanding of reality through the contact with natural forces can be considered magical.

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