Aphrodite Archetype: Definition, personality +10 benefits

The Aphrodite Archetype is one of the most popular ones when people look for Goddesses archetypes to connect with (and this is not only among the Greek Goddesses, it’s among all of them!). This happens because Aphrodite is the most famous among all Goddesses of Love. Throughout history, Aphrodite and her “Roman version” Venus have symbolized all kinds of love, desire, and conflicts caused by these feelings.

In the end, what’s the Aphrodite Archetype? How can you work with it and make a difference in your life? What are the so-called “light and shadow” aspects of it? What’s the personality of Aphrodite and how can it influence my life?

In this article, I’m going to go deep into this subject. As I write about the Aphrodite Archetype I’ll make some analogies using episodes involving her in Greek Mythology. It will be more evident this way. I also suggest you read some articles about this Goddess I have already written on my website, such as:

Aphrodite Archetype

Who is Aphrodite: A summary to understand the Aphrodite Archetype

Firstly, we need to know who Aphrodite is so we can understand the Aphrodite Archetype better. You can read the full article on Goddess Aphrodite or watch my video telling her story. Anyway, I’ll write here some paragraphs with the most important things you must know about her so you can properly work with her archetype and enjoy Aphrodite’s personality traits.

We have two different versions of Goddess Aphrodite in Greek Mythology. The first one is called Aphrodite Urania (Ourania) and the second one is Aphrodite Pandemos. Whenever we read about Aphrodite we never know “which” Aphrodite we are considering. This distinction is very subjective. Archetipically speaking, they have some key differences, such as:

  • Aphrodite Urania is the daughter of Uranus. The Archetype of Aphrodite Urania is related to divine and sacred love, homosexual love, and the love between deities;
  • Aphrodite Pandemos is the daughter of Zeus and Dione. The Archetype of Aphrodite Pandemos is more connected to carnal love, desire, and pleasure.

Both “Aprhodites” share many attributes in common as their beauty, strong desire, having many lovers, and, of course, creating problems and conflicts for example.

Aphrodite had many lovers among Gods and mortals. Her main lover was Ares, the God of War. Even so, she was forced to get married to Hephaestus, the smith God. Obviously, this marriage was not something good.

Besides that, she was responsible for some serious troubles and quarrels. Whenever she started something or got involved in something, the main reason was linked to love and desire. For example, when she wanted Adonis only for her, a quarrel started between her and Persephone; Another striking example is when she offered Paris the love of the most beautiful woman in the world as a bribe. This led to the start of the Trojan War (you can find more details on this by reading the article on Eris, The Goddess of Discord).

Just by reading this short summary, I hope it is now clear to you the strong duality which is present in the Aphrodite Archetype. All the good things you can experience with this archetype can come with a “price” if you don’t remain vigilant.

What does the Aphrodite Archetype do?

The Archetype of Aphrodite awakens everything which is related to this Greek Goddess of Love in you. Hence, working with this archetype will allow you to experience the energy of love in its most natural way, increase your self-esteem, and praise your own beauty and your self-love.

As I mentioned above, duality is strongly present in this archetype. Therefore, you’ll also be experiencing some “bad” things. By working with Aphrodite Archetype you need to observe your actions and thoughts in order to control these shadow aspects and enjoy all the good aspects it will bring to you.

What does the Aphrodite Archetype do?
What does the Aphrodite Archetype do?

Personality of Aphrodite: Light vs Shadow aspects of the Aphrodite Archetype

I’ll explain details about the personality of Aphrodite and this duality found in the Aphrodite Archetype now. Both light and shadow aspects of this archetype will manifest intensely once you start working with it.

To “visually” understand this duality I’ve been writing about, let me present to you some of Aphrodite’s children. When you see what they represent, you’ll fully understand what Aphrodite can awaken in your life.

  • Eros (erotism and canal love);
  • Anteros (requited love and punisher of those who scorn love);
  • Himeros (sexual desire);
  • Pothos (passion);
  • Deimos (panic);
  • Phobos (fear);
  • Harmonia (harmony);
  • Hermaphroditus (the androgynous one, both genders, dual);
  • Peitho (seduction);
  • The 3 Charities (they represent good things);
  • Priapus (fertility).
Personality of Aphrodite: Light and Shadow
The personality of Aphrodite: Light and Shadow

Aphrodite Archetype: Light

The light aspect of the Aphrodite Archetype includes everything related to beauty, love, confidence, and self-esteem. Check 10 benefits of working with the Aphrodite Archetype and the personality of Aphrodite below:

  1. Attract and receive love abundantly;
  2. Increase your self-esteem;
  3. Increase your confidence;
  4. Strengthen your self-love;
  5. Become more convincing;
  6. Become more eloquent;
  7. Conquer everything and everyone you wish with your charisma;
  8. Awaken an unshakable feeling of personal power;
  9. Become free of judgment (don’t care about other’s opinions);
  10. Inspire others through actions and self-confidence.

In the myths with Aphrodite, we can clearly see these 10 characteristics of the personality of Aphrodite. She always does what she wants and what pleases her. She doesn’t care about what others are saying or will think about her. She’s free and inspiring.

Moreover, the Aphrodite Archetype goes beyond love, beauty, and desire. It comprehends businesses and other professional aspects too. When you work with this archetype you become more confident and boost your charisma. This makes professional meetings easier. By improving your self-confidence you start making decisions better and with no fear. These things lead you to a more prosperous and beautiful professional career and also attracts more prosperity to your life.

Many profitable businesses were dedicated to Aphrodite in Ancient Greece.

Aphrodite Archetype: Shadow

The shadow aspect of the Aphrodite Archetype is where the danger lies when you work with this archetype and attracts Aphrodite’s personality traits to your life. I reinforce this because the duality in archetypes is something common, however, it’s much more intense here. When you start enjoying the light aspects of this archetype you also start manifesting some of the shadow ones. It’s important to observe it closely so the shadow ones won’t overshadow the light ones.

Check 10 characteristics of the shadow aspect of the Aphrodite Archetype and the “bad” parts of Aphrodite’s personality traits below:

  1. Increase your level of arrogance;
  2. Increase your level of envy;
  3. Increase your level of pettiness;
  4. You feel like everything belongs to you and you can use it all;
  5. Become angry in face of opposition;
  6. Become selfish;
  7. Become unbalanced;
  8. You start making scandals and being provoking;
  9. Manipulate everyone to get what you want;
  10. You become a narcissist.

Similarly, we can find the light aspects of her archetype in myths with Aphrodite and we can also find these shadow ones. It’s very common to find this duality in Greek Mythology in a general way.

It’s part of the personality of Aphrodite to get easily irritated when she feels threatened or when she faces opposition. In all her relationships she showed these traits. She was always competing with others to attract the attention of her lovers and she was always losing her self-control. The most famous episode involves Adonis and Persephone. Aphrodite wanted Adonis only for her so she kept him inside a chest and send hid him in the underworld with Persephone. The problem is that Personphone also fell in love with him and the two Goddesses started a quarrel.

In the end, who suffers the most is Adonis when Ares is moved by jealousy and kills him.

Talking about Ares… he was Aphrodite’s main lover. We have here the Goddess of Love and the God of War together. Love and War side by side! If you don’t control the shadow aspects of the Aphrodite Archetype it’s very possible you’ll start enjoying some fights and conflict. Eventually, you’ll start a war!

Aphrodite was forced to get married to Hephaestus, the Smith God. The union between love and work happened here, but not in a gracious form. You must be careful when you work with the Aphrodite Archetype so you will know how much it can influence your professional life in a good manner. Otherwise, it’ll become a burden.

This is all you need to be aware of the personality of Aphrodite and the aspects of the Aphrodite Archetype.

Infographic - Aphrodite Archetype Light vs Shadow aspects
Infographic – Aphrodite Archetype Light vs Shadow aspects

How to work with the Aphrodite Archetype

To properly work with the Aphrodite Archetype and fully enjoy Aprhodite’s personality traits in your life, you can simply follow this how-to guide below.

How to work with the Aphrodite Archetype

How to work with the Aphrodite Archetype

Get to know Aphrodite

The first step is to know and become familiar with the Goddess Aphrodite. For that, you can read the articles about her here at Santuário Lunar and also search for more content about her on specific websites and channels about Greek Mythology. In addition, I also recommend reading some books. Here are some suggestions: (Article) Aphrodite’s Story; (Article) Orphic Hymn to Aphrodite; (Article) How to Summon Aphrodite; (Video) Who is Aphrodite; (Video) 5 Lessons I learned from Aphrodite.

Be sure you want to work with the personality of Aphrodite

Think about the Aphrodite Archetype. Read and read again this article, particularly the Light and Shadow aspects of the Aphrodite archetype and Aphrodite’s personality traits. You need to make sure you want to work with this archetype and work with this Goddess.

Prepare a simple purification ritual

I always recommend that you begin any spiritual or magical work with a purification ritual. Even if you consider the work with archetypes to be purely psychological, I suggest that you clear the energies around you and inside of you. For this, a relaxing bath is enough. Maybe burning incense is a good suggestion too. Do what you feel is best to cleanse yourself.

Make a list of what you hope to attract with the Aphrodite archetype

Make this list in writing. Take a moment just for you and write everything you intend and hope to attract with the Aphrodite archetype with a pen on paper. You can follow the benefits list I mentioned in this article as well as the light and shadow aspects of Aphrodite’s personality traits. Choose the ones you want most and write.

Make a list of the shadow aspects of the Aphrodite Archetype that can get in your way

On another sheet of paper, analyze the shadow characteristics of the Aphrodite Archetype. This step is essential, especially when it comes to the Goddess Aphrodite. Be honest with yourself. Write down all the aspects you already recognize in yourself to some degree that can be accentuated with the Goddess Aphrodite archetype. You must also write down what you can do to get around them, soften them or even avoid them. These Aphrodite’s personality traits are strong.

Start to work with the Aphrodite Archetype in your daily life

You need to incorporate the Goddess of Love personality into your daily life from now on. Instead of saying “activate the Aphrodite Archetype” I prefer to say “awaken the Aphrodite Archetype”. Gradually, day by day, you will awaken Aphrodite in you through small behaviors and questions.

Work on your beauty and seduction power

Use and abuse accessories and makeup. Wear perfumes. Everything that refers to the concept of “aphrodisiac” also refers to Aphrodite. It is precisely in this aspect that the Aphrodite Archetype resides! Awaken all of these in you!

Be receptive

When you activate the Aphrodite Archetype, it is natural that you start to attract different looks and comments from different people, even the ones you don’t even know. Be receptive. Learn to appreciate it and don’t let the shadow side take over by turning this moment into something snobbish. Aphrodite was desired by all Greek Gods and mortals. You will experience something very similar!

Balance the light and dark aspects of the Aphrodite Archetype

Now that you’ve activated the Aphrodite Archetype, you’ll always need to balance the light side and the dark side. It will be a constant task while you are working on this archetype!


You are working with the Aphrodite Archetype and taking the best of Aphrodite’s quality traits to you!

Which archetype should I work with alongside Aphrodite’s?

I suggest using an archetype that brings balance to the Aphrodite Archetype. And you can find this archetype in other Greek Goddesses. For example, the Hera Archetype also brings this side of love and desire, but in a less carnal and more faithful way (one that the Aphrodite Archetype doesn’t have at all).

The Goddess Hera archetype also has its shadow side that must be controlled. But here it would just be as a way of balancing the Aphrodite Archetype.

Another option, but outside the Greek pantheon, is the Parvati archetype. Goddess Parvati is the Hindu Goddess of love. Using her archetype with Aphrodite’s can help you balance the shadow aspect.

Aphrodite’s personality

Aphrodite’s personality mainly attracts love and sensuality. In addition, it also attracts self-esteem and self-confidence. She is the Goddess of love and beauty and as such, everything related to beauty and ways of love is attracted by Aphrodite’s personality.

When you work with the Aphrodite Archetype, you activate the most beautiful, sensual, and romantic inside you. In this way, you become more attractive, more confident, and more beautiful. Enjoy the best aspects and benefits of Aphrodite’s personality!

Aphrodite Archetype and Personality
Aphrodite Archetype and Personality
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