Working with Goddess Hera – Ritual for marriage idea

Working with Goddess Hera is a great way to enhance your own power. Besides this, you can perform rituals for marriage purposes: to get married or to end one, for example! This post is part of our Witchcraft and Spells studies and collection.

Goddess Hera is the Queen of the Gods and the wife of Zeus. Although we find Hera and Zeus all the time together, evidence shows that Hera was actually more powerful and more venerated than Zeus in the past. We can conclude that their marriage was not based on life, but on power.

Nonetheless, Hera is known for protecting women and for bringing their power to a maximum level – just like a queen! Besides this, Hera is extremely polite and an excellent keeper of traditions. Working this side of her archetype also allows us to make rituals for marriage: to get one or to end one!

Working With Goddess Hera

Working with GOddess Hera

Goddess Hera, just like other Greek Goddesses, has an Orphic Hymn dedicated to her. If you wish to draw her queenly powers to your life, you can simply recite her hymn and a prayer to her.

Whenever you recite her Orphic Hymn, keep Hera in your mind and visualize her as great energy capable of ruling over everything.

We prepared a page with the Orphic Hymn to Hera in English, as well as a powerful audio version with its recited version.

Ritual for Marriage: how to perform

You can perform this ritual for marriage with Hera to aid in:

  • problems in marriage;
  • in the preparation of a marriage;
  • to get rid of a bad marriage;
  • avoid an unwanted marriage.

Besides this, Hera can also be invoked to strengthen feminine power to achieve or reinforce independence.

For this marriage ritual, you are going to need:

  • A handful of silver coins (if you have real silver coins is better);
  • A feather that you may find lying around (preferably a peacock’s feather, but it is not every day we find one while we have a walk);
  • Red wine or grape juice;
  • A bowl or glass filled with 1/3 of water.

It is not necessary to perform the ritual in the moonlight but do it preferably during any day of the Full Moon period, because it’s great for manifesting. Relax and purify yourself as you normally would for any other ritual.

When you are ready, chant the following verse:

“Protecting Goddess of the Sacred Feminine, Protect Me and My Destiny”

Throw the coins in the water. One by one. Try to think about what situation you ask for guidance and protection of Hera and in what situations you have proved to be strong and worthy to receive it from the Goddess.

When you finish throwing the coins, pour the wine/juice into the water and meditate on the answers the Goddess will bring you in silence.

Whisper your gratitude to the feather and drop it into the water. This feather now becomes energized with your desires. Keep it as a reminder of your blessings and when your request is fulfilled, release it in the winds of Hera.


Working with Goddess Hera is a great way to enhance your own feminine power. Even if you don’t need rituals for marriage, you can recite her Orphic Hymn regularly and perform this ritual to become stronger.

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