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Online Free Oracle Reading - YES and NO Oracle

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The YES or NO Oracle from Santuário Lunar is an Online Free Oracle Reading that offers accurate answers.

All you have to do is to concentrate on one question in which the answer can be a YES or NO. The possible accurate answers this oracle brings are:

  • YES: When everything favors a positive answer to your question;
  • NO: When everything favors a negative answer to your question;
  • MAYBE: When there is too much energy confusion (maybe it’s about your energy or the energy of the question);
  • I CAN’T HELP YOU NOW: When there’s an energetical blockage (maybe you created it yourself or someone made it against you)

Learn how to use the Free YES or NO Oracle from Santuário Lunar:


What’s your question?


Reveal the answer. It might be a YES, a NO, a MAYBE, or a I CAN’T HELP YOU NOW

Oracle YES or NO - Card 00 - Back
Oracle YES or NO - Card 06 - NO

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All the cards from the YES or NO Oracle

Below you can see all the cards available in my YES or NO Oracle. Feel free to save the ones you enjoy more to your Pinterest folders!

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